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Scripts 2023 : Our transition year

Scripts 2023.jpg

As mentioned before, this year would have seen the 10th Scripts Festival taking place, however we have made, what we feel is, a prudent decision to take a break to re calibrate and think about the future of the Festival.  We will be working away in the background to focus on how we can best serve our writers audiences.
But we can’t really tear ourselves away from the stage completely  and the excitement of new work being created.


We have been collaborating with the team at Birr Theatre & Arts Centre to create some sort of a "mini Scripts Festival".

Tony Doyle (winner of Scripts 2022) will introduce his new work "The Stars in Peru".
Based on his 2022 scripts entry his new play evolved through an intense writing residence in Birr and is ready to be presented on stage in an exclusive staged reading on June 17th.

On that day, Eugene O'Brien will also host a hands-on writing workshop to help 3 lucky playwrights evolve there project under his expert guidance.


On the 1st of July, you will be able to attend a writing masterclass with award winning playwright Deirdre Kinahan.

On that same day, the theatre will host an amazing double bill from the multi-award winning Acting -Out drama group and acclaimed playwright Sean Denyer (winner of Scripts 2021). This evening promises laughter and pathos in equal quantity with two immensely touching and energetic new plays.

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