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Getting to Birr:

Scripts, Ireland's Playwriting Festival

Birr Theatre & Arts Centre

Oxmantown Hall

Birr, Co. Offaly

Call Box Office: 057 9122911


Birr is on the N62 route 19kms (12 miles) from Roscrea following the N63. Driving time to Birr is an average of 1 1/2 hrs from Dublin or Galway.  Buses run directly to Birr and the train runs to Tullamore, which is 30 minutes from Birr.  Turning back the clock to the elegance of the Georgian age, Birr has stayed true to 18th and 19th Century character with its tree lined malls and avenues around formal and well planned blocks of easy on the eye street vistas. Birr is a haven of olde worlde elegance with cafes and boutiques filled with character and forest trails and walks guaranteed to inspire those with artistic sensibilities.  Visitors to Birr can soak up the atmosphere of Birr Castle & Demense, situated just metres from Birr Theatre, enjoy beautiful locally produced food at a wide range of cafes and restaurants or enjoy the craic and banter at a choice of traditional pubs.  There is lots to do for families with an Outdoor Recreation Centre and an abundance of green areas to explore and play in.

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